I made an Etsy.com shop. It is VermeireWireDesigns and I
have my available items listed on there also. I have started
building an inventory for now also. I hope to get some items in
some galleries here in Anchorage. Please do not let that stop
you from ordering something from me.

All the jewelry on the site is hand made using quality precious metal wire
and natural gemstones.  The material is hand selected by the artist, and
set in the jewelry to show the stones best attributes.
No heat is used in this process of jewelry making.  The wire is tightened
to itself on the back side of the piece.  Each element of the piece is made
to fit the area and added to the space.  The end product is a piece of
jewelry that can often be worn by male or female, and in a casual or
dress setting.
Artists  Notes
Fade Your Face

This is the second steal your face
that I have made. The small size
in the 3 sizes I make. The bolt is
38mm long. The stones color
transitions from orange to red on
the left and from green to blue on
the right. Etched spessartine
garnet were used for the eyes.
The stones on the right are fire
agate, fire opal x2, spessartine
garnet, etched spessartine garnet,
rubellite tourmaline, spinel,
garnet cab. On the right the
stones are emerald, bi-color
tourmaline, green tourmaline,
dioptase, Aquamarine,
Tanzanite, Apatite. It is wrapped
completely in sterling and fine
2.5 x1.75 inches

Newest Pieces
I've Been without Customs for a Little while now and
I've been making some nice things. Let me know if
your interested or if you would like a custom order.

Murmur is the 4th bracelet that
I've made. This was a bracelet
frame that I had made years ago
and pulled it out to finish it. The
main stone is an Aquamarine, and
surrounding it are : blue apatite,
demantoid garnet, garnet cab,
golden beryl, rubellite tourmaline,
moldavite, herkamer diamond
quartz x2. This cuff style bracelet
measures 7 1/4 inches including
the gap. The face measures approx.
2 x 1.5 inches

Infini-Bail 8
This is an infini-bail design
fabricated with silver and gold.
t contains an etched spessartine
garnet, and a herkamer shaped
amethyst s
et in sterling and fine
silver, 14/20 gold filled and 14
kt gold.
Price $250
New Bail

So the "bob" style bail was a
stepping stone for production line
work as many of my ideas become.
My old bails were made using a
ladder weave of sorts with a smaller
wire. Some chains will chew through
the small wires and the weave would
start to come undone. I've been
working ona production line
bail/frame setup that would not let
this happen. Now The infini-bail has
come. It is formed with a thick
gauge wire, with no smaller wire
near it that could be chewed up by a
chain.  To the right is the 8th of the
latest line of infini-bail pendants.